GSDM helps organisations realise their optimum resilience to avert disasters through comprehensive, strategically-aligned, intelligence-led audit and quality assurance solutions.

Aligned with the latest regulatory standards, and informed by extensive operational experience, these evidence-based services reduce the potential for disruption, loss and damage thereby enabling organisations to be more adaptive, efficient and competitive.


GSDM is founded on three non-negotiable attributes:

Consistent delivery of high quality, impactful services by proven subject matter experts.

Absolute impartiality and independence of industry,
acting as the truly agnostic customer’s friend.

Uncompromising standards of integrity, ethics and legal


GSDM assists organisations to shift from a risk-based to a resilience-enhanced approach to derive maximum benefit from the optimum levels of resilience possible within their resourcing constraints.

This is achieved through GSDM’s 7-Step integrated approach framed around multi-hazard risk assessment and risk management processes. These are enhanced by comprehensive consideration of resilience factors, including strategy, planning, systems, resources, compliance, governance and culture.


GSDM’s services are informed by ISOs, legislation, regulations, doctrine, guidelines, best practice and research. They are continuously developed to be responsive to dynamic market requirements in an ever-evolving landscape.

In response to any identified potential areas of vulnerability or points of failure, mitigation strategies are recommended to enhance organisational resilience.



GSDM’s team comprises multidisciplinary security cleared experts who are both nationally and internationally recognised.

With decades of combined operational and research experience, the team has detailed knowledge and understanding of public, private and third sectors in both the UK and overseas.


The team has extensive practitioner and research expertise in security, resilience, disaster risk mitigation and crisis management. This spans multiple threat, risk and hazard landscapes, from multidisciplinary, multilateral and legal perspectives.

This expertise includes counter-terrorism, CBRN, WMD, natural hazards, armed conflict, cyber, Artificial Intelligence, surveillance, satellite and space systems, drone/counter-drone, privacy, ethics, organised crime, crime prevention, law enforcement, incident management, and due diligence.


GSDM has auditors qualified in the following ISOs:

9001: Quality Management Systems
22301: Business Continuity Management Systems
27001: Information Security Management Systems
14001: Environmental Management Systems
45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management


Primary benefits to organisations of adopting GSDM’s risk-based to enhanced resilience approach are:

• Independent validation of existing approaches
• Identification of potential vulnerabilities and points of failure
• Better protection through comprehensive, coherent approaches
• Prevention and mitigation of disaster risk
• Reduction of damage and loss
• Compelling business cases built on evidence-based measures
• Increased competitiveness, efficiency and opportunity exploitation
• Enhanced levels of legal compliance, due diligence and CSR
• Qualification for resilience-dependent insurance benefits
• Improved quality assurance management and customer satisfaction


All of GSDM’s assurance solutions offer organisations the benefits of a resilience-enhanced approach:

• Preliminary health checks and in-depth ISO-aligned audits
• Rigorous validation of risk management and Business as Usual activities
• Evidence-based resilience maturity scoring
• Recommendation and implementation of mitigation measures
• Rapidly deployed expert mentoring during crisis events
• On call support for broad-ranging risk and resilience issues
• Education and interactive training
• Independent research and advice


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