Month: January 2020

Rethinking Counter-Drone Management: Developing a Resilience Solution (Part 2)

Share this: In Part 1, we considered some of the limitations of current approaches to counter-drone management, in particular that many organisations do not yet seem to fully understand nor capitalise upon the potential benefits of a resilience approach. In Part 2, we now consider some of the key elements that a counter-drone resilience approach […]

Rethinking Counter-Drone Management: The Need for a Resilience Solution (Part 1)

Share this: Dr Katja Samuel and Shaun Ryles Effective counter-drone management is an issue of growing concern for government and critical national infrastructure bodies as the number of aerial security incidents has grown globally. The primary focus of national and international counter-drone initiatives to date has been on developing a more effective drone safety eco-system. […]

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