Month: April 2020

Bridging Cybersecurity and Disaster Risk Reduction: UNDRR Working Paper

Bridging Cybersecurity and Disaster Risk Reduction: UNDRR Working Paper

This working paper sets out some key reflections and recommendations on challenges and opportunities associated with bridging cybersecurity and disaster risk reduction aimed at assisting organizations to become more resilient in a rapidly evolving threat and risk landscape. Insights shared here are expected to be of relevance and interest to partners locally, nationally and internationally. […]

Commemorating the 45th Anniversary of the Biological Weapons Convention

In addressing the global threats posed by Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), and in the context of the prohibition and elimination of such weapons, the international community has adopted three key legal instruments, viz, the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC, 1972), the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC, 1992), and the Treaty on the Prohibition Nuclear Weapons (TPNW, […]

GSDM Associate Silvia Venier Coordinates a Research Project on Protection against CBRN Risks

Share this: GSDM Associate Silvia Venier has begun recently to coordinate a new research project that commenced on 1 March 2020 on the topic of ‘International legal obligations related to Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery from CBRN events (Chemical, Biological and Radio-Nuclear) and status of their implementation in Italy’ (CBRN-ITALY). The project is being funded […]

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