Preventing Disasters, Protecting Lives: Resilience with Integrity

Case Studies

GSDM’s approach to resilience, including the development of its tools, has been informed by key lessons identified from actual incidents which have occurred across a broad range of critical national infrastructure. In particular, these have highlighted a number of often critical, recurring themes of vulnerability which our tools and approach could assist in preventing and / or mitigating the potential effects of.

Khmeimim Airbase and Tartus Naval Base attacks, Syria (2017); domestic airport drone incursions (2018-2019); Abqiaq and Khurais oil installation attacks, Saudi Arabia (2019); ‘swarm’/multiple drone attacks experienced by Israel (2019).


Samir Refinery, Morocco (2002); Buncefield Oil Refinery, UK (2005); Deepwater Horizon, Atlantic Ocean (2011); Tiguentourine, Algeria (2013).

Power Grid

Venezuela (2019)


Estonia (2007)


Ulley Reservoir, UK (2007); Mariana Dam, Brazil (2015); Morandi Bridge, Italy (2018); Burmadinho Dam, Brazil (2019); Whaley Bridge, UK (2019).


Fukushima, Japan (2011); Crosby, Texas, USA (2017).

Company Guarantee

Should you use our products and services, we offer a free post-incident audit to review and assess their effectiveness in practice.


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