Drone/Counter-Drone Services

We have a team of highly experienced, world-leading and operationally proven multi-disciplinary experts specialising in drone management and counter-drone resilience. Our expertise includes security, crime prevention, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, surveillance, crisis and disaster management, resilience, legal and regulatory, data acquisition and privacy.

Such expertise, underpinned by operational experience, enables us to provide clients with advice on broad-ranging issues relating to both commercial off-the-shelf and modified/DIY drones and defence systems.

Currently we offer the following services.

Drone/Counter-Drone Equipment Procurement Advice

We can support drone/counter-drone procurement decisions with expert advice based upon actual client needs, organisational capacity and capability, maximising available resources. Our evidence-based analysis can help to avoid procuring expensive, potentially over-specified or under-performing hardware.

Drone/Counter-Drone Training Packages

We offer off-the-shelf and bespoke training packages across a broad spectrum of drone/counter-drone related topics tailored to specific client needs.

Click here for Drone/Counter-Drone training page.

“Red Team” and Simulated Training Exercises (SIMEX)

We design and deliver “Red Team” exercises and SIMEXs based on multiple drone/counter-drone scenarios tailored to client needs. These are effective ways of testing organisational capability, preparedness and response as part of organisational resilience planning.

On-Call Support

Our team of highly skilled practitioners with current, operational experience (including Critical Infrastructure protection) are available to support clients, whether with technical advice over the phone or on-site support. We offer both ad hoc support and ongoing support packages.

Event Support

We can provide or support client drone/counter-drone expertise for any type of event during the planning, training and delivery phases, also acting as an on-call or on-site event advisor/liaison officer.

Independent Consultancy

The breadth and depth of our expertise enables us to offer pragmatic, appropriate advice on many drone/counter-drone related topics, including:

  • Writing, evaluating and revising drone/counter-drone strategies, policies, frameworks and plans to align with a client’s strategic ambition;
  • Undertaking dynamic risk and vulnerability assessments;
  • Incident management;
  • Provision of through-life drone/counter-drone support;
  • Project and programme management.


Our Expertise

We have a dedicated team of internationally recognised, multi-disciplinary experts. They have extensive operational, technical, research and analytical expertise across the fields of resilience, security and disaster risk.  


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Should you use our products and services, we offer a free post-incident review to assess their effectiveness in practice.

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