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Emerging Issues

The Impact of Fake News

Dec 21, 2018

Share this: This ‘Emerging Issues’ piece explains the relevance of fake news to the aviation industry, in response to new technologies and participatory communication. Using the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption and the MH370 disaster, it assesses the impact of fake news on trust and resilience, and examines reasons for its initiation and spread. Finally, fake news […]

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Protection or Danger from Above? The Use of Drones in Emergency, Defence and Security Operations

Nov 15, 2018

Share this: By Dr Silvia Venier and Dr Migle Laukyte This emerging issue briefing focuses on drones, which are used increasingly in emergency management as well as in defence and security operations. It explores briefly the evolution of drone technology; their different uses in both emergency and defence situations, with associated security, safety, ethical and […]

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Artificial Intelligence and ‘Smart Robots’: What’s Next on the Horizon?

Oct 18, 2018

Share this: By Dr Migle Laukyte Introduction When we talk about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, we usually try to strike a balance somewhere between over-optimism—hoping that AI will solve all our problems that we haven’t yet found solutions to, ranging from climate change to traffic congestions in big cities—and fervent pessimism, fearing that AI […]

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The 70th Anniversary of the Genocide Convention at the Gates

Oct 15, 2018

Share this: Reflections on the Mental Elements of the Crime of Genocide in the Rome Statute By Dr Victor Tsilonis “At Nuremberg, however, the word simply disappeared, and after the early salvo of the opening days, 130 days of hearings passed with not one mention of genocide.” Phillippe Sands, East West Street: On the Origins of […]

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CBRN Terrorism: Is Europe (and Beyond) Adequately Prepared?

Oct 10, 2018

Share this: By Dr Silvia Venier This emerging issues briefing discusses the initiatives taken in Europe to protect against terrorist attacks involving the use of chemical, biological and radio-nuclear (CBRN) materials. In recent times, considerable efforts have been devoted to developing technological and operational solutions to prevent and respond to CBRN events, but there are […]

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Recent Developments in Ocean Governance: Understanding the Broader Geopolitical Significance of Recently Emerging Maritime Actors

Oct 10, 2018

Share this: By Dr Jessica Larsen Issues relating to ocean governance are growing in attention. Ocean governance includes fighting maritime crime, such as piracy and weapons smuggling, as well as managing marine resources, such as countering Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU). Following recent international efforts to fight piracy off the coast of Somalia between […]

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