Preventing Disasters, Protecting Lives: Resilience with Integrity

Emerging Issues

Smart Environments for Disaster Management: Technical Innovation and Responsibility

Oct 4, 2018

Share this: By Dr Daniel Beech As disaster management evolves to increasingly embrace smart environments, analysis of the connectivity of human and technical actors is somewhat imperative to understanding resilience and vulnerability. Smart environments, defined as ‘ubiquitous and interactive smart systems that are embedded in the physical environment’ (Wolter and Kirsch, 2017, 234), provide scope […]

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Closing the ‘Intangible Technology Transfer’ Gap Within the Existing Legal Frameworks: Time For an Additional Protocol(s)?

Oct 1, 2018

Share this: The full article, from the Groningen Journal of International Law, is available as a pdf download here Abstract The current terrorism landscape poses increasing, diverse levels of threat, with accompanying complex and challenging counter-terrorism responses, as terrorist groups (TGs) become more global in their reach, creative in their methods, as well as more […]

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Trauma-Impacted Evidence and the Assessment of Witness Credibility

Aug 17, 2018

Share this: By Dr Ellie Smith Whether it is interpersonal violence committed in the home or mass atrocities perpetrated during conflict, violent crime can engender severe and long-term communities and society more widely (Danieli, 2009).  In this emerging issues research briefing, the author identifies the problems that psychological trauma in victims poses for security forces and judicial bodies in […]

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Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons 2017

Jul 11, 2018

Share this: First Anniversary of the Adoption of the Text of the Treaty By Dr Bahram Ghiassee Seventh of July is the first anniversary of the adoption of the text of the ‘Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons’ by the UN General Assembly, on 7 July 2017. The Treaty bans a wide spectrum of […]

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