Preventing Disasters, Protecting Lives: Resilience with Integrity

Emerging Issues

Strengthening Resilience against Technological Risks: the Importance and Benefits of Integrating Research and Practice

Mar 27, 2020

Share this: This emerging issue examines the importance and associated benefits of better integrating research and practice to increase resilience against technological risks. In the first section, it outlines some common characteristics of technological risks and their implications for our risk governance mechanisms, which are crucial tools of the concept of resilience. In the second […]

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Building Increased Resilience against Terrorist Drone Attacks

Sep 22, 2019

Share this: Recent Drone Attacks in Saudi Arabia This emerging issues article examines the critical need for public and private sector organisations, especially Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), to reconsider current strategic-level thinking on building institutional and operational resilience in response to novel and complex challenges posed by the utilisation of technological innovation for terrorist purposes. […]

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Hybrid Threats, Terrorism, and Resilience Planning

Sep 18, 2019

Share this: This emerging issues article examines the need to develop more integrated and comprehensive approaches to resilience planning in response to man-made and technological risk, illustrated by hybrid threats and terrorism. The need to rethink how we approach the growing intersections between physical and digital threats to reduce disaster risk and improve resilience have […]

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Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) and Framework Development Challenges

Jul 25, 2019

Share this: The Critical need for a Paradigm Shift for the Prevention and Mitigation of Risk This GSDM ‘Emerging Issues’ piece explores a significant, recurring issue of security and disaster risk concern whereby legal frameworks are not keeping pace with technological innovation, with the potential for catastrophic harm especially in a context of inter-connected and […]

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Five Key Considerations for Leveraging Data for Better Migration Policies

May 16, 2019

The effective and appropriate use as well as impact of data is a matter of growing cross-sectoral interest and concern. This emerging issues piece examines such issues in relation to the leverage of data within the humanitarian sector, specifically in the context of migration policies. It explores five key considerations, making a number of recommendations […]

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Maritime Crime and the Role of Insurers

Apr 15, 2019

Share this: This emerging issues piece highlights the association between marine vessel operations and the facilitation of serious transnational crime, and erosion of human security.  The author highlights gaps in knowledge regarding the possible impact of insurance practices in the perpetuation of undesirable outcomes, highlighting the importance of such data in the formulation of policy.  […]

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