Preventing Disasters, Protecting Lives: Resilience with Integrity

Resilience Planning

Our Approach to Organisational Resilience 

At GSDM, we have developed our own distinctive approach to organisational resilience. This has been tailored to the particular challenges posed by both conventional and emerging man-made and technological risk.

It is framed around the five pillars of:

Awareness          Preparedness          Response          Recovery          Review

Our approach is underpinned by the undertaking of a systematic assessment of all potentially relevant threats, risks and hazards. This is essential for identifying, analysing and evaluating any gaps and vulnerabilities within an organisation's existing resilience arrangements, as well as for critiquing the accuracy of its underpinning planning assumptions.

This approach is informed by our deep subject matter expertise coupled with broad-ranging experience which enable us to engage simultaneously with relevant security, safety and disaster management factors central to an organisation's resilience, contextualised to its specific sectoral and geographical context.

The benefits to an organisation associated with being more resilient can be articulated in the following terms:

“Resilience is a strategic objective intended to help an organization to survive and prosper. A highly resilient organization is also more adaptive, competitive, agile and robust than less resilient organizations.

Organizational resilience is the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, and respond and adapt to everything from minor everyday events to acute shocks and chronic or incremental changes.”

​(British Standard 65000: 2014 Guidance on organizational resilience).

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Should you use our products and services, we offer a free post-incident audit to review and assess their effectiveness in practice.


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