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Our Partners


Preparedness Global LLC was founded by three women with a shared passion to assist organizations of all profiles build disaster readiness. With over 30 years of respective experience in the communications, higher education, law, policy and physical science fields, their expertise spans across the emergency management and international humanitarian sectors. Prep Global offers comprehensive yet individually customized services in the areas of planning, training, research, analysis, strategic communication and project management. Dedicated to promoting better prepared and more resilient communities in the United States and worldwide, Prep Global supports its clients as partners who share this vision and mission.


Safe Marine is a consulting firm of maritime human factors, maritime operations, disaster risk mitigation and systems engineering professionals with extensive experience working with executive, managerial and operational staff in maritime and service operations. Safe Marine helps companies to realise the full potential of their people so that they have a safe, more profitable business which meets their customers’ needs.

Safe Marine provides evidence-based people and safety management consultancy services. They work with organizations in the maritime sector to build the capabilities they need for sustainable competitive advantage and the mitigation of organizational and disaster risk. Safe Marine do this by enabling companies to take a fresh look at their people and risk management strategies.

Together with their clients, Safe Marine shapes companies’ futures by rethinking how they attract, select, develop, reward, manage and engage their employees. In essence, at Safe Marine supports their clients to transform their culture, systems and processes to achieve excellence, safety and well-being.

Our Expertise

Our team of internationally recognised experts has extensive operational, technical, research and analytical expertise in many aspects of security, disaster management and resilience.  

In particular, we specialise in conventional and emerging man-made and technological risk from legal and multi-disciplinary perspectives. 

Such breadth of expertise allows us to customise our client services and solutions to many different threat, risk, hazard, sector and geographical contexts.

Company Guarantee

Should you use our products and services, we offer a free post-incident audit to review and assess their effectiveness in practice.


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