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Shaun Ryles MBE


Head of Risk and Resilience

Shaun Ryles MBE

Shaun is GSDM's Head of Risk and Resilience as well as its Drone / Counter-drone Team lead. He has over 30 years of experience in planning and delivering counter-terrorist protection activities for the Royal Air Force in high threat environments. As an experienced force protection officer, Shaun has commanded security units and specialist training teams in the Middle East, Africa and South America in the protection of airfields from all forms of kinetic attacks including drones.

During the past 3 years he has been the UK Ministry of Defence subject matter expert on the integration of military counter drone capabilities into civilian airports and major national events in the UK to counter drone incursions. Specifically, he deployed at short notice to Gatwick and Heathrow airports to lead the military response to those drone incursions. He has also been used as the UK Ministry of Defence subject matter expert for counter drone activity to assist UK defence diplomacy activity with foreign Governments.

More generally, he is a highly qualified organizational resilience director, widely experienced in leading, managing and developing high profile, multi-national business resilience teams both in the UK and in hostile environments overseas. He has extensive public and private sector experience working with strategic level decision makers, including through his own company (Initio Resilience). Security cleared, he brings extensive operational experience. He is also the non-executive Chief Communication Officer to a multi-national resilience consultancy. Security cleared, he brings extensive operational experience.

Our Expertise

Our team of internationally recognised experts has extensive operational, technical, research and analytical expertise in many aspects of security, disaster management and resilience.  

In particular, we specialise in conventional and emerging man-made and technological risk from legal and multi-disciplinary perspectives. 

Such breadth of expertise allows us to customise our client services and solutions to many different threat, risk, hazard, sector and geographical contexts.

Company Guarantee

Should you use our products and services, we offer a free post-incident audit to review and assess their effectiveness in practice.


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