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Training Offering

Our Resilience Training Offering

We can deliver a range of training courses to our clients, both off-the-shelf and bespoke modules and packages.

Currently, we offer training on Organisational Resilience and Counter-drone Resilience. This can be tailored to specific client needs, as well as sectoral and geographical contexts.

We are able to deliver an extensive range of training topics. The modules and packages detailed here are illustrative only of the training that we are able to offer. Should you have particular needs or wish to know more then please get in touch with us.

Resilience Solutions

Simulated Exercises (SIMEX)

We are able to develop and deliver SIMEXs on broad ranging Organisational Resilience and Counter-drone Resilience scenarios tailored to client needs. This can be a good way to test existing or new resilience plans.

Counter-Drone Resilience Training Packages

We can offer our training modules and SIMEXs as standalone sessions or as packages. Our current non-exhaustive list of packages include:

  • Package 1
    ½ day Drone Awareness (Drone Myth Buster + Drone Reporting Modules)
  • Package 2
    ½ day SIMEX (e.g., The Art of Contingency Planning Module followed by 2+ hour SIMEX)
  • Package 3
    1 day Drone Awareness + SIMEX
  • Package 4
    1 ½ day (Drone Awareness + 1 day SIMEX)

Bespoke Organisational Resilience training packages available on request also. To discuss your specific organisational training needs, please get in touch.

Company Guarantee

Should you use our products and services, we offer a free post-incident audit to review and assess their effectiveness in practice.


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